UAE has vast experiences in environmental management, for instance development of conserved and environmental rehabilitation areas; feasibility study; environmental, social, and health impact assessment, and is licensed by the Office of Natural Resources and Environment Policy and Planning (ONEP) to prepare environmental impact mitigation measure reports.

Scope of Services
• Environment Study and management
• Feasibility Study:FS
• Initial Environmental Examination:IEE
• Environmental Impact Assessment:EIA
• Environmental and Health Impact Assessment :EHIA
• Environmental Social and Health Impact Assessment :ESHIA
• GIS Application and management
• Environmental Information System and management


As registered for pollution control (License No. บ-123-48-005) by Department of Industrial Works, Ministry of Industry, UAE can provide various services in pollution management, design and improvement of wastewater treatment units as follows:

Scope of Services
• Pollution Control: Water and Wastewater, Noise, Vibration, Air, Soil, Groundwater and Solid waste
• Improvement and Operation of Wastewater Treatment Unit
• Inspection of Wastewater Treatment Efficiency
• Study and Design of Wastewater Treatment Unit for Water Recycle